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Guide to Webplex, Navigation, etc.

Quick Help

When lost, click the big icon (reclining goddess) at top of page. On any of my websites, that'll bring you back to the main page for that site, so you can't get lost. No matter where you are, if you click the goddess, you'll return to the index page for that sub-site. Once there, click AUTHOR or JOHN T. CULLEN at upper left and you'll be back to the main anchor website.

EXCEPTION: at the anchor site (John T. Cullen) I am building a second main plex, so clicking that one (and only) upper left name will open a second set of eight tabs for my main webplex. Don't worry, sounds confusing, but it's not.

Home Base: My main (anchor) website is John T. Cullen (dot com), to which all my other websites link. Most websites have a narrow band of (usually eight) tabs along the top, only on the index or main page for that website.

Further instructions can be found below. NOTE: I call the whole magillah my Webplex. As you step downward in the navigation you will encounter a few subplexes. For example, my Fiction subplex has several subplexes including for example the Mystery Novel website (also: San Diego Noir).

I am currently combing through the webplex to standardize better, and will fix any exceptions to the goddess rule. Clicking once on the goddess should bring you to the index page. At the index page, clicking on the goddess may either do nothing, or lead you to an important sub-page like Contents or the like. I strive to make it intuitive, a never-ending quest. To reach my top-most anchor page, click the JOHN T. CULLEN or AUTHOR tab at upper left of any index page.

Welcome & Safety. Welcome to my webplex, online since 1996. Please be assured that I take no information of any kind (no data, no cookies, not even a breath mint). You are totally anonymous here. Please respect my privacy and safety as I respect yours. I have been an Amazon affiliate for over twenty years with no problems. No transactions of any kind take place on my web pages. If you buy a book or gift, you will follow a normal Amazon buy link to the Amazon website to look or shop. Again, welcome to my webplex and have a happy visit!

What's a Webplex? I've been an author, publisher, and magazine editor online for over 20 years (since 1990). In that time I have built (and deleted) many websites. All are written in simple HTML, with only two harmless old scripts (today's day and date, upper left of most pages; and a carousel in some places to alternate loading various book covers). No track, no hack.

Why? I enjoy building little websites, and it gives me a chance to inform many visitors about my writing. I've written and published nearly fifty books by now, and am still at it. On the nonfiction side, I use my journalism and academic background (BA, BBA, MSBA) to write informative and entertaining info and opinions. On the fiction side, I write across several genres (SFFH, suspense-thriller, historical fiction). I'm an Active Member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and my San Diego small press imprint (Clocktower Books) is a recognized ITW publisher. Clocktower Books is distinct among small press publishers in having its own Bowker ISBN prefix (0-7433 or 978-07433).

One More Note: Because I try to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to legitimately help direct traffic to my site(s). Because I own quite a few websites, my hosting services help me by offering standard redirect and aliasing services. For example, you might click on a link to the kumquats website (silly example) but land on an address like (again silly example) www fruits com. No big deal. It all helps you find good stuff to read, so have fun.—JTC


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