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About Galley City™

Four Key Subsites in My Webplex

NEW: Galley City Metro. Navigate key parts of my webplex by hopping onboard the Galley City Metro (guide). Take a look at this new navigation concept here.

Welcome to Galley City. Galley City is now three major subsites in the John T. Cullen (dot com) webplex of over 30 linked websites or subsites, some of which have their own sub-sub-sites. This webplex has been online continuously for a quarter century, with the first several sites launched in 1996. More on the history at the Clocktower Books Museum (which is another of my many subsites).

On This Page:

1. Galley City (Read or Books) one site;
2. Galley City Mall two major subsites (listed below);
3. Galley City News my nonfiction on one site;

Galley City (or Galley City Books) was launched in 2019 as a place for readers to read my work on this basis: read half free/try-buy. Over a million words of free reading! Think of it as Galley City Read or Galley City Books if you wish, but the address is simply Galley City (dot com). If you like what you read, and want to know how the book ends, buy it safe, secure, and quick at Amazon. I've been an affiliate in good standing since 1998. I collect no data on my webplex, so your transaction is anonymous and efficient at Most full-length books have a print and a Kindle (e-book) edition so you can choose. Typically, the ebook costs about as much as a cup of coffee. Best deal in town! If you buy a coffee, you drink it in minutes. You buy a book, and it's yours forever at the same low price. I've used slogans like Read-a-Latte to describe this.

Galley City Mall. I've had a lot of fun over the years as an Amazon affiliate in good standing. It started with selling my own books and those of other authors as part of the history of Clocktower Books. In 1998, I launched a fun site (SharpWriter) that turned into what Writer's Digest in 1999 called 'One of the Top 101 Websites for Writers.' It was primarily a portal for writing info (dictionaries, thesauri, books, you name it, before the big portal sites like Wikipedia and Google arrived). Long story short, I've built several fun sub-sites that you can enjoy (and browse, maybe buy a thing or two, whatever suits your fancy, no pressure from me).

Books About Paris: It's a sub-site of Galley City Mall. On it, I have compiled a list of several hundred books (fiction and nonfiction) about Paris, France, or set in Paris or somehow related to Paris. The list will continue to grow. Take a look here. It also answers to the address Paris Bookshop.

Citta Moda: I confess that I've had a life-long love of shopping malls. I love to wander in them, and have done so all over Europe and North America. In the 21st Century, it looks as if the traditional shopping mall is an endangered species. I do believe humans will always want to go out and socialize, so window shopping at least will never totally disappear. I'm mindful as I write this (good material for a Galley City News item) that even in the world's first literary work (The Epic of Gilgamesh, dating over 4,000 years ago (see Wikipedia) there is already reference to Gilgamesh and his buddy Enkidu hanging out in a marketplace in downtown Uruk around 4,700 BCE. No coffee, but they did serve beer and wine. So come hang out at my shopping mall online (Citta Moda, a sort of made-up, Italian sounding name; the bigger influence is from several grand San Diego-based malls like Fashion Valley, Mission Valley, and others). More info about malls coming to Galley City News soon.

Galley City Books. See Galley City above. Think of it as part of the Mall, but important enough to be a stand-alone in Tier 1 (top tier) of my webplex. What does that mean? Look at the eight little bars across the top for the eight main subsites in my webplex: John T. Cullen (anchor and main site); Galley City (books/read free); My Nonfiction (Galley City News); Caffeine Books (my fiction); My Poetry (nearly 500 pages, written in my teens adn twenties, some published); Imprint (Clocktower Books, ISBN Prefix 0-7433); Online Since 1996 (Museum Site); and Galley City Mall (Books About Paris, Citta Moda).

Galley City News (My Nonfiction). It boils down to this: I love telling stories (true information, gleaned from my voluminous reading of history, science, and top media sources (the real ones, not that chemtrails vapor full of lies and divisiveness serving a resurgent corporate tyranny (2nd Gilded Age) that appears to be destroying U.S. democracy and flushing the U.S. Constitution down the drain. More to the point, I have fun telling a million little stories that are factual and amazing, like how the ancient Roman tourists got around, how the Egyptians cooked their lunch, what the ancient Aegeans really did at Olympia, and how many countries you can drive to from Luxembourg in less than an hour (five). On that last one, look for the article at Galley City News soon. I'm going back to my long-ago roots as a reporter, building on a lifetime of professional experience; also: having traveled around half the world (living in various countries, working full time, not just driving by as a tourist);fluent in several languages; having translated modern and classical literature(s); and more.

Read Free or Buy: The plan is for my news items to be a mix of free and fee. The shortest will be free, with lots to read once I get going. Longer items, requiring more research and time, will be offered at low prices ranging from $0.99 to $2.99 each or the like.

More Details About My Reportage: Among my professional qualifications is a background in journalism, dating to the newspaper world of long ago. I was at the beginning of a wonderful reporting and editorial career when youth and similar circumstances called me to other things… including a six year stint in the U.S. Army, stationed in Europe. Along the way, I picked up three college degrees (B.A. in Liberal Arts covering a lot of ground, University of Connecticut; M.S. in Business Administration Boston University; and my 'practical degree,' a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems/Accounting, National University) and a lifetime of writing experience, both in the Army and later as a technical writer/editor (disciplined, fact-based, no nonsense) in the computer systems development and aerospace manufacturing industries.

Long story short (no pun intended), I've always been a big story teller, so now I am finally returning to my roots as a reporter. I offer several primary types of news, collectively known as Soft News. That's as opposed to headline news, breaking news, and today's pressing stories. Soft news is information (often longer in format) that you can savor at leisure. It includes fact, analysis, and essays. There may be some opinion.

Let me be up front about this: I am a progressive, scientifically oriented thinker, a free thinker when it comes to religious matters, and a believer in universal health care and other basic human rights (Black Lives Matter, Women's Rights, you name it). And yes, with a Master's in Business Administration (Boston University) I know enough about the corporate and business world to offer balanced, moderate, fair interpretations that (how shall I say this?) are the total opposite of Reaganism and all of its dishonest, destructive contrails that have deeply wounded the United States and what we used to call the Free World. In short: do not look here for creationism; conspiracy falsehoods; or demagoguery as described in Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince)… Make it simple: think of me as an admirer of media like The Washington Post and The New York Times to name just two. I promise to clearly identify whatever I publish, either as fact (citing references); analysis (refs. again but honest up front); and op-ed (clearly stated).

My goal is to deliver top quality professional journalism along the model of our best journalists, too many to list here, but a few examples past and present will illustrate my influences: (1) the late, wonderful †Gwen Ifill; (2) the outstanding Joy Reid; (3) the marvelous Rachel Maddow; (4) CNN anchor Don Lemon; †Walter Cronkite; †Eric Sevareid; and I could go on and on but you get the idea. Enjoy the webplex with all its subsites and subplexes; enjoy reading and mall-walking including in Paris; and shop a little to support this grand effort. Thanks. JTC.


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