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Welcome to my webplex of linked author sites online since 1996. Click for my main personal John T. Cullen anchor site OR read this GUIDE. You are SAFE: no info collected.


welcome to your helpful guide - more info soon - under construction

John T. Cullen in San Diego Harbor late one summer afternoonWelcome To My Webplex. So what's a webplex, you're asking? I've been publishing online since 1996. Long story (no pun intended; more info soon). Bottom line for this page: this is your guide to my complex (webplex) of linked websites. I had this vision back in the 1990s, when I was the world's first author to publish HTML books on the Web, with an audience of enthusiastic fans on every continent except I could never get through to the penguins in Antarctica. Seriously, not kidding. My vision developed from practical experience (still in work after nearly a quarter century).

Site Map: Traditionally, a person has a website, and on that website they include a site map to help search engines and visitors find their way around. I had so much info to convey that friends told me they got lost. A deep site is content-rich but may become impenetrable, since most visitors only look at the index page; few dig deeper. Just a fact of life. And honestly, I love building websites. I call it my adult train set. I used to love building model train sets as a child, and now I channel that energy into engineering a Web presence that seeks to balance findability with content richness. It's ever a work in progress.

Quick Start. This Sites Map (webplex guide) sits astride at least two main tiers of sites (each typically 8 across). Look for the thin strip across the top of each index page for quick links connecting the sites. As I currently redesign the webplex, it's a top down hierarchy starting on this site. The next layer consists of the oldest and most important sites, including my personal John T. Cullen anchor site (left-most tab in the first tier).

First Tier (8 Sites). Also in the first tier are Galley City (read half, and if you like the book, you can buy it at for the price of a cup of coffee; if not pleased, simply ask for a refund at Amazon; it's quick and easy, and we all move on. Thousands of readers have enjoyed my work, as enthusiastic emails from around the world attest, so I hope you'll leave a five star review for me. Thanks!

Also in the first tier are sites for My Nonfiction, My Fiction, My Poetry, Clocktower Books (my small press San Diego imprint since 1996), the Clocktower Books Museum site, and my own shopping mall including Citta Moda and Café Okay (bookshop).

Second Tier (8 More Sites). These are still in development. Each of these linked sites in my webplex represents more of a specialty item connecting my own work with various genres and tropes of literature. My interests are varied, like my background. I hold degrees in Literature and Business (Univ of Connecticut; relateds History, Languages, Classics, Journalism) and Business Administration (BBA National University Computer Information Systems/Accounting; Master's Degree Boston University, earned too many years ago in my youth as I was finishing a six-year stint in the U.S. Army, serving overseas in Cold War West Germany). I speak several languages, hold dual U.S./E.U. citizenships, have lived in multiple countries and cultures, and love to travel from my base in sunny San Diego. More info on all this soon... my main purpose is not to talk about myself but to interest you in my writing. More info soon!



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